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World – The Mirror – Story Of Duryodhana And Yudhisthira

World is only a mirror of what you are from inside. This is based on the story of Duryodhana and Yudhisthira.

Yudhisthira was famous all over the world for his virtuous conduct and his honest and straightforward nature. As a contrast Duryodhana was notorious and was known for his bad and cruel nature, greed, etc. 

Once Sri Krishna commissioned Duryodhana to go round the world and find out how many of the persons are good natured, helpful to others, having a virtuous conduct and daily having regular prayers to the Lord, etc.

Duryodhana accordingly went round the world and came back in a short time and told Krishna with a disgust that the entire world was full of cheats, scoundrels, confidence tricksters and absolutely bad natured.

Sri Krishna then asked Yudhisthira to go round the world to find out approximately as to how much percentage of the people were honest, good natured, helpful to others, generous, straight forward etc. Yudhisthira also having gone round the world came back with a report that wherever he went, he came across excellent and good natured people who were straightforward and honest. He didn’t come across a single scoundrel or cheat.
  • The lesson drawn from this episode is that the world is only a mirror.
  • The world responds in the same way in which you act towards it.
  • If we are honest and straightforward, then, everybody behaves in a similar way with us and vice versa.
  • There is no use of pointing out the finger at others.
  • If we reform ourselves, we will find others are automatically reformed.
  • It is also due to the positive vibrations emanating from you to another overcoming the weak negative vibrations of the other person.
  • That is why, the company of holy men is again and again extolled in all the scriptures. If we begin to seek the company of holy men, it will not be a long time before we ourselves become holy and pure in our heart.