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Devta Bondra Temple Bachunch – Bachhunch Baoindra Maheshwar Temple Near Rohru – Himachal Pradesh

Devta Bondra Temple, also known as Baoindra Maheshwar Temple, is located at Bachhunch about 10 km north of Rohru. The renovated Devta Bondra Temple is more than 500 years old.

Within the complex, there are a number of miniature shrines built with extant remains of the stone shikhara temple that stood at this site over 500 years ago. Local lore attributes the construction of the present structure to a scion of the Bushahr dynasty, as the negligence of his men had damage the earlier temple.

The temple is a towering structure built in stone. The upper floors are made in wood. A very thick brown rope adorns the first floor balcony, a reminder of the Bhunda ritual. The carving on the balcony is fairly new, with wooden bobbins in fringes hanging from the balcony and roof.

The miniature shrines of stone have many a beautiful stone sculpture of Mahishasuramardini, Ganesha and demure Nandis. Ornate bhadramukhas of Shiva have been placed above the door of three of the shrines, while a yoni forms the base of one. A unique feature of these shrines is that the amalakas are topped by what look like Shiva lingas to form the shikhara.

Temples dedicated to Baoindra are found only in Kotkhai and Rohru tehsils of Shimla District. The temples are of considerable architectural interest.