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Ramcharitmanas Quotes

A collection of quotes from Ramcharitmanas

Gods, demons, serpents and humans, animates and inanimates, keep wandering day and night in the shoreless sea of samsara, possessed as they are by time, fate and modes. Only those that receive your compassionate glance are liberated from three types of maladies. Protect us, Sri Rama! You are competent to tear asunder the misery of transmigratory existence. (VII. 13: Ch.2)

When, for example, there is a boil on the child’s body, the mother, with a hard, heart, gets it removed by surgery. The child suffers, it cries petulantly. But the mother ignores that pain to ensure that the disease is alleviated. Similarly, Raghupati, in the interest of his servitor, scratches ego out of him. (VII. 74: 4)

The Name of Rama is the bestower of one’s desired object in the age of kali. In kaliyuga neither action nor devotion nor knowledge avails; the name of Rama is the only resort.

There are three evils most formidable of all – lust, anger and greed. In an instant they distract the mind of hermits who are the very repositories of wisdom. The weapons of greed are desire and hypocrisy, lust, while anger’s weapon is harsh speech, so declare the great sages after deep thought.

I tell you dear sage, the qualities of saints, by virtue of which they hold Me (Lord Rama) in subjection. They are masters of the six passions (lust, anger greed, infatuation, pride and jealousy), sinless, disinterested, firm, possessing nothing, pure (both within and out), full of bliss, of boundless wisdom, desireless, moderate in diet, truthful, inspired, learned, and united with God, circumspect, bestowing honour on others, free from pride, strong-minded and highly conversant with the course of Dharma.

There can be no happiness for a creature nor can its mind know any peace even in a dream so long as it does not relinquish desire, which is an abode of sorrow.