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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 verse 34

Fix your mind on Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me and bow down to Me; thus steadfastly uniting yourself with Me and regarding Me a your supreme Goal, you will come to Me. (Gita Chapter 9 verse 34)

This is the end of chapter nine, the last word on this path of Sovereign Science and Sovereign Secret.

The highest bhakti and jnana are combined. First know that I am the Self in all beings and that I am the supreme Goal, and then take refuge in Me. Fix your mind on Me. Anchor your mind in Me. That will keep you away from sin and ignorance. Worship Me and bow down to Me. Remember, I am the Soul of all living beings. Bow down to all men, for I dwell in all. Protected and strengthened by that knowledge, approach all beings.

Then you will be a blessing to all. Sinners will be converted into saints by your very presence. A touch, a look, a word will change a man. For love will flow from you, love holy and divine, and the love of God will operate through you.

You will then not meet people in order to gain something. No, you will be the giver. Take, take, take all I have — that will be your attitude. Take the highest; take my love.

You will have no axe to grind. You have become a true renouncer, for you have found your treasure in God, and nothing short of God can satisfy you. Such men live in God. Their abode is in Him; they love God; they sing His praise; and they talk of Him. Such bhaktas have been called God-intoxicated. They are inebriated with the love of God.

Sometimes their minds are so entirely withdrawn from the world that they appear as mad. Love is a great power, a wonderful energy and force. And when the love of God surges into their hearts they cannot contain themselves. They dance, jump and roll on the ground like one insane. But they are very sane indeed, the sanest of the sane, for they have broken through the illusion, freed themselves from the hypnotic power of maya.

‘We are all mad,’ said Sri Ramakrishna. ‘Let me be then mad for God. Like a madman you slave and work and fight and cheat and ruin your health for a few dollars; let me be absorbed in God. I may not have your beautiful home and dress and food, but I have peace of mind and spiritual bliss, which you do not even know. My home is God. My clothing is wisdom and my food is the Spirit.’

That is the result, the outcome of the rajavidya, Sovereign Wisdom, taught in this ninth 
chapter. Freedom is the goal of life and the Gita points out the different roads to freedom, how to grow spiritually till the individual becomes the Universal, the limited becomes the Unlimited, man becomes God.

Swami Atulananda

Source – Prabuddha Bharata Magazine August 2004