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Bhuta Puja In Hindu Religion – Spirit Worship

Bhuta puja in Hindu religion refers to the worship of the bhutas (spirits). It is prevalent among different section of Hindus and is performed in various parts of India and Nepal. The modalities of performing the puja vary from region to region. This kind of worship in Hinduism is described as Bhutaradhana.

The bhutas represented by village deities, dead warriors, and even dead local leaders, are propitiated to effect cures and ensure benefits.

Bhuta Puja is performed by one belonging to a traditional family initiated into bhuta puja and is generally conducted during the night time.

Besides being performed on specific occasions, the puja and rituals are more often held at the request of the affected individuals. Thus, when a villager is affected, he approaches the village chief or a deputed priest (pujari or tantric) arranges for the worship of the bhuta which is supposed to have caused the calamity.

Questions are put to the priest in whom the bhuta is supposed to have entered and the answers are acted upon. Quite often, the priest prescribes rituals for appeasement.