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Flexible Approach in Life - Helps Facing Small And Big Tremors In Life

A flexible approach in life is necessary to overcome small and big tremors in life. All the tremors that happen in life can be handled only if we are flexible, if we are rigid then there will be a breakdown. It will lead to catastrophe. A flexible approach is the much-needed shock absorber of life.

Flexible means you are ready for the change. You are prepared to accept challenges in life. You are also at peace. You do not have unwanted expectations. You allow life to have its natural flow. You are not directing the flow.

Anger, frustration, disappointment, depression, irritation, fear of failure and other negative emotions can be overcome by dropping rigidity and welcoming flexibility into our life.

The basic rule is to accept the fact that things will not happen always the way we want them to. Some days we might be the winner on other days we might be the loser.

When you start getting frustrated, it is time to loosen up. It is a sign that you are tightening your screws and it will explode any moment. Do not act in such a situation. Keep calm and let the harmful clouds blow over.

The goodness of having a flexible mind is that you are not predetermined. You have no expectation about the next moment. You have not set any goals. You are always ready to face the new challenges and explore what is in store for you. You have the curiosity of a baby. You have time to look at the flowers; you pause to see the bird building the nest; you wait for the cats to finish their play and you have time to pamper the dog.