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Sopandev – Life History – Teachings – Brother Of Saint Jnaneshwar

Sopandev is a saint poet in the celebrated Jnaneshwar family of Maharashtra. He as the younger brother of Nivruttinath and Jnaneshwara, the saints poets of Maharashtra.

Sopandev Life History
He was elder to their little sister, Muktabai, and it was his responsibility to look after her when Nivruttinath and Jnaneshwar went out for alms.

Muktabai herself has fondly referred to Sopandev’s affectionate role in her life.

Sopandev was initiated into the Nath Sampradaya, along with Jnaneshwar, by their eldest brother, Nivruttinath.

Literary Works of Sopandev
Sopandev wrote Sopanadevi, a critique of the Bhagavad Gita. Two other manuscripts, Pancikaran and Prakritgita, are also attributed to him.

Teachings Of Sopandev

  • Sopandev himself had reached the highest stage of yoga marga, but he never thought that complete renunciation was an absolute necessity for grasping spiritual truth. 
  • He believed in life and its responsibilities.
  • It was not necessary, according to him, to dissociate oneself completely from mundane life to attain liberation.
  • One could lead a normal life to attain liberation.
  • One could lead a normal life of the householder while aspiring for spiritual perfection or self realization.
  • He preached that one should realize that every being is a manifestation of God (Hari) and that with faith should perform all duties in everyday life.
  • He did not preach very extensively, but his own attitude and conduct exemplified his beliefs.
  • Continous chanting (japa) or harinama (the name of God) was the best means to attain the highest spiritual goal and this could be achieved even by a householder.

Sopandev was the guru of Visoba Khechar, Sant Namdev’s Guru. The traditional eulogy (aarti) of Sopandev, sung in the region around Barshi, has been composed by Visoba Khechar.

Sopandev left his mortal body (Samadhi) at the age of 22 at Saswad near Pune in Maharashtra.