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Snehana Vidhi In Ayurveda – Various Oil Massages To Treat Diseases In Ayurveda

Snehana vidhi is an ayurvedic method of treating diseases through oil massage. Snehana or oiling plays a significant role in Panchakarma in Ayurveda. Panchakarma is the five methods of acquiring good health.

Oiling is necessary before the other purgatory techniques are applied. For the elimination of doshas (tendencies) present in the body, first snehan, then svedan and then vaman (vomiting) and virechan (purgation) should be done.

Various Oil Massages To Treat Diseases In Ayurveda

Ghee (clarified butter) has cooling properties and, being oily, diminishes the burning sensation and improves voice and color.

Oil is smooth, hot and heavy, and diminishes gas and kapha (phlegm). It makes a person strong and is very effective for the skin.

Fats, being heavy, warm and sweat-extracting, diminish gas.

Patients having problems with bones, joints, ligaments, vital organs, high secretion of intestines and people who have high digestive power are given snehana with animal fats.
Majja (marrow) makes the bones strong. Those who have pradipta agni (very high digestive power), those who eat a lot, and do lots of physical labor should be given snehana with majja.

Clarified butter in winter, fat and marrow in spring, and oil in rainy season are prescribed.
After every snehana, warm water should be taken. If while giving snehana, giddiness, vomiting or anorexia persists, then it should be given with lemon juice.