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We Hurry and Then We Stop Abruptly

We are in a hurry to achieve success, fame, money, and goal. The road to prosperity, wealth, accomplishment and fortune is long with sudden twists and turns, steep, low and stiff climbs. It is not a smooth terrain. Those who start to reach the destination in a hurry end up stopping the journey abruptly.

Do not hurry, go slowly but make sure that you do not stop before you reach the destination.

Slowness does not matter as long as you are moving towards the goal.

Quite often, we are bothered about the destination and ignore the wonderful views that we get during the journey.

The road to fame and success is filled with numerous thrills and adventures. Some of these thrills might be scary. Some of them might involve risk and danger. These thrills and adventures might make the destination look distant and impossible. But when we learn to enjoy each moment, the journey becomes fun, less tiring and hard.

This is the specific reason why Krishna advises Arjuna not to bother about the end result. Do your work with utmost dedication without fear and attachment.

Today we are taught to think and worry more about results. Everything depends on results. This actually creates more problems than solutions. The result-oriented system churns out robots. There is no creativity. There is no fun. There is no empathy. Everybody is on a race, they do not know how many have fallen down, and they do not know with whom they are racing and what for.

Instead of getting into a race and getting dehydrated and stopping abruptly, enjoy the work and move steadily towards the goal. 
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop – Confucius