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Shivam Meaning And Significance In Hinduism

Shivam means auspicious. The other meanings of Shivam include propitious, felicitous, fortunate, benedictory, bright and lucky. Its synonym in Sanskrit are mangala, kalyana, shubha and shri. In fact Lord Shiva is called so because he is auspiciousness incarnate. The word Shivam occurs frequently in Vedic literature. Satyam, Shiva, Sundaram (Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty) are allied aspects of spiritual perfection.

In social, religious, ritualistic, literary, academic and other spheres of Hindu tradition, we find references to everything in Hinduism as always linked with the auspicious as Shivam, Shubham or Mangalam.

All forms of worship, ritual and sacrifice commence with the utterance of words like om and sri, indicative of auspiciousness. Sanskrit texts always commence with one or more mangala shloka (auspicious verses), praying for divine blessings to one and all (asisa). Literary works commence with auspicious words or verses. The same is the case with music concerts, dramatic performances and social functions.