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In Hinduism Life Is an Endorsement and Celebration of Interconnectedness

The Hindu concept of life is in a cycle. Everything happens in cycles. Life moves in a circular order.

The present is linked to yesterday and the future will carry imprints of today. Everything is interconnected. Our tomorrows are directly connected to the actions we perform today. Every action that we perform will have a reaction.

However, we all need to exit this cycle and for that, we need to achieve self-realization.

We need to understand life. We need to realize the smallest seeds contain the biggest tree. Living on the surface chasing never-ending desires will never get us out of the cycle of birth, desire, suffering and death. 

Attachments will bring us back to the cycle. We need to drop desires and attachment to remove the veil of maya or illusion. Then we begin to see the various dimensions of life.

Hindu scriptures repeatedly state that those who are ignorant and fail to see the real aim of life keep moving in the cycle of birth, suffering, and death.

What is the real aim of life? It is to achieve self-realization. To know that Atman was never born and never dies. To know that we are bubbles in the great ocean. Everything is part of that Single Supreme Source. That there is no second. Life is an endorsement and celebration of interconnectedness.

Ignorance is not accepting that life is whole and all animate and inanimate in it is in organic unity. 

Suffering can end only when we are able to digest the wholeness, drop the ego and be part of the undivided.

There is no escape from suffering as long as we think, seek and try to establish individual islands.

There are no individual islands here. It is a whole mass.

The good and the bad we do here will reflect in our life. The energy fields that we create around us have a direct connection with our lives. Living a positive life without harming nature and other living beings for our selfish needs will put us on the path of self-realization.

Focusing on the non-essentials and falling for temptations will keep us in the world of suffering, death, and birth.

Tomorrow and future is always our worry but what we do not realize is that the key to future is in the present. And we ignore the present. Miracles happen in life when we have unwavering faith, honesty, dedication and hard work. But today our present is filled with attachments and desires. It brightens neither our today nor our tomorrow. When our present is filled with unwavering devotion, determination, truthfulness and hard work then our tomorrow will be bright and our present will be fruitful. When our present and tomorrow is fruitful and bright, we are automatically ready to go beyond the clutches of illusion.

There is a lot of misleading regarding the core teaching of Hinduism. There is a deliberate attempt made to drag us into a monolithic religion based scriptures and gods. There is no beautiful flower in it. There is only fear and hatred. Hinduism can never be monolithic.

The beauty of Hinduism lies in the attempts made by an individual to achieve self-realization. Sanatana Dharma is the celebration of the ways a devotee discovers to escape from the cycle of birth, suffering, and death. The path to self-realization has to be laid by the devotee. The devotee has to do it. The devotee has to push open the door of self-realization.