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Rabindranath Tagore on Nataraja Dance of Shiva

Nrityera tale tale, Nataraj, ghuchao ghuchao ghuchao skala bandha he – remove all my fetters through the rhythms of the unbounded span of tunes of your dance music.

The cosmic ripples are created by your dance steps. Saraswati’s shoreless lake is full of those ripples. The lotus of Saraswati’s lake is emitting divine fragrance.

Tomar nritya aminta bitta bharuk chitta mama – Let the immeasurable wealth of your dance fill the span of my psyche.

Your liberated embodiment is revealed in your dance, all of your illusions are reflected in your cosmic dance. The whole universe as well as the infinitesimal atoms are under the spell of your dance movements.

In the swing of your tuneful rhythmic dance, bondage and freedom are balanced through ages and aeons. I am amazed at your infinity.

Rebellious atoms get beautifully regulated at the spell of your dance. The sun, the moon and other luminaries are orchestrated, along with the luminous anklets jingling around your feet.

The cosmic consciousness is due to the life force of your dance. You ecstatic joy brings forth cycles of pain and pleasure into a balance through infinite times by virtue of tune and rhythm.

When you perform the dance of annihilation, your matted locks are loosened, causing the release of the musical stream and the cymbals of aeons are being played forever.

Through your evolutionary dance, I (the human being) have come into the realm of your orchestric whirl. O, the hermit; O the beautiful, O the pacifier, O the awesome! With your ageless orchestration and dance you carry on the rotation of life and death. I bow down to thee. Let the immeasurable wealth of your dance be poured into your psyche.

Source - The Orchestration of the Arts — A Creative Symbiosis of Existential Powers edited by M. Kronegger.