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Physical Good Health in Hinduism and Hanuman - Ambassador Of Good Health

Hanuman is the patron god of bodybuilders and wrestlers in Hinduism. He is associated with a good body and good health. He is worshipped by Hindus to get rid of diseases, to overcome deformities and pain in the body. Here is a look at physical good health in Hinduism associated with Hanuman - who is the ambassador of good health.

Surya Namaskar

It is believed that Hanuman designed the Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) part of Yoga. He designed it to venerate his guru, Surya, the sun god.


Malkhamb, an exercise form popular in Maharashtra, traces its origin to Hanuman. In this exercise, boys and girls climb up and down a pole to keep themselves fit and to improve agility and flexibility.

Carrying Herb Mountain

He carried the Dronagiri Mountain from the Himalayas to Lanka to save Lakshman during the Ram-Ravan battle and therefore he is associated with medicinal herbs. As he carried Sanjeevani, it is believed that he has the cure for all ailments including life-threatening ones. Mrita Sanjeevani of Ramayana was used to cure Lakshmana who was badly hit by a poisoned arrow.

Food Offerings Associated With Hanuman

Food offerings to Hanuman are protein-rich and this is associated with good health. The food is then consumed by devotees. The main protein-rich food offering includes various different kinds of food made using urad dal, til, ghee and butter. The vadas made of urad dal are very famous in South India.

Prayers Puja To Hanuman

Prayers  and Puja to Hanuman are an antidote against diseases affecting the mind and the body. This is the reason why poisonous Arka leaves and flowers are offered to Hanuman.


Majority of the diseases can be cured through intense meditation and single-minded focus – the feeling of one with the Supreme Truth. Hanuman’s focus on Sri Ram while meditating is the proper way to meditate. The body drops and the direct connection with the Supreme Truth are revived.

Humor - Laughter - Smile

Hanuman teaches important lessons through humor. He humbled the pride and ego of many including Bhima and Ravana through humor. A sense of humor and the ability to laugh have long been viewed as important sources of both physical and psychological health.

Control Of Senses

Control of the senses is another important health lesson that Hanuman teaches us. As a Brahmachari, Hanuman had perfect control over the senses. For both physical and mental health, we need to have control over emotions, anger, and sex.

Chaupai 25 of Hanuman Chalisa:
All diseases and pains vanish when one continuously chants the name of Hanuman.