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Do Not Hesitate To Say Thank You And Please

Thank people always whenever you receive any kind of help. Do not look at the kind of favor, says thanks even for the smallest help and favor. Thank you and please should come from the heart, and then it will automatically enter the heart of the other person. These two simple words will make our life happy and the world a better place.

When you need a help always use the word ‘please.’ Even when you are not required to use the word, use it as it does wonders.

There is no one big or small here. This is what all the holy books attempt to explain.

Thank you and please creates a warm relationship. The person receiving it will be happy and this happiness spreads. The person will be more enthusiastic and happy to help the next person.

Courtesy, decency, humility and simplicity are best communicated through thank you and please.

Noble-mindedness and humility are ornaments that make a person glow.

Due to its simplicity, ant carries sugar but due to haughtiness, the elephant carries dust.

When we practice humility and simplicity, we achieve peace of mind. We are able to share that peace with people who connect with us. Thus, we send out positive energy.

We are our own enemy and we are our own friend. Those people who are overpowered by irritability, anger, ego, haughtiness and pride cause their downfall. Those that practice peace, humility, simplicity and love achieve success and peace.

Pride leads to darkness whereas humility provides light even in pitch darkness.

There is nothing to be proud about in this universe. Everything that we see here is filled with God. So where is the difference? All differences are superficial. When we respect and show kindness to other living beings we are worshipping God. Every time we bow before someone, we are bowing before the Supreme Truth.

One of the popular saying of Hindus is - the tree that bears much fruit bows low.

True learning makes us humble. The more we learn the more we realize the futility of holding on to the limited self.