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Timeless Wisdom of Hindu Saints

A collection of timeless wisdom of Hindu saints. If you wish to bring the whole world under your control by just one act, then do this: stop grazing your cow-tongue on the pasture of criticism and ill talk of others. Wrath springs only from thwarted desires. This life is short; the vanities of the world are transient. They only live who live for others. The rest are more dead than alive. Durga is one of the most widely worshipped Goddess in Hindu religion. Her name literally means ‘fort’ and implies that the Divine Mother Durga protects all her children who take refuge in Her from evil, just as a castle protects one from enemies. Reflecting over all scriptures and thinking over and again, one arrives at this conclusion only: always meditate on God. The fire of knowledge, kindled by discrimination between self and non-self, will burn up the effects of ignorance together with its roots. Confusion can be destroyed by the realization of pure Brahman, one with