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Hindu Regional Beliefs Do Not Borrow Or Use These Things Of Others

As per Hindu regional beliefs, based on Jyotish (astrology) and Vastu a person is not supposed to borrow and use certain things of others. This is based on the belief that it will pass on negative energy to the borrower.

I used the term regional because such beliefs are not followed by all Hindus. Only some Hindu sects and communities follow such things.

Here are few things that are not to be borrowed and used as per Hindu regional beliefs.


Never borrow or share bed with others. This will result in passing of negative energy and diseases.
Shoes and Slippers

This will result in worsening of Shani Dosh – bad positioning of Saturn in horoscope.


Many people use other people’s pen and forget to return it. This will result in financial problems. There will be scar on honor and social status.

Towel – Handkerchief

Borrowing and using another person’s handkerchief can result in fight. This also passes disease and negative energy.


This will result in passing of negative energy. It can also increase the activity of Rahu and Ketu in life. Rahu and Ketu are bad planets and they cause harm to a person.


Borrowing another person’s watch (A small portable timepiece) and wearing it will result in worsening the bad phase of life. This will also result in the worsening of Mangal Navgraha (planet mars) in life.

Borrowing Money

This will result in worsening of relationships. It will also help Rahu Navgraha to cause problems in life.