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Simple Words That Really Matter

Words of Swami Adbhutananda – a humble disciple of Sri Ramakrishna

Anger and ego are very bad — both are people’s enemies. One cannot recognize one’s true self while under the influence of anger and ego.

Moreover, it is a sin to be violent. That is why Buddha said that non-injury is the highest dharma.

There was no trace of hatred or sin in the mind of Yudhishthira. As much envy a person gives up, so much purer he will be. One will have peace of mind. The mind of a hateful person is impure and utterly restless. If you want peace, give up hatred.

Even if you receive all these material objects, you should realize that they are like worthless clay to a person of renunciation; the guru is the only truth. Brahman alone is the truth.

If someone praises you, your chest expands five and a half cubits, and the moment someone slanders you, your mind contracts. I see that this is the habit of people. One is highly fortunate whose mind does not waver in the least at praise or blame. It may be said that God’s special grace is upon him.

All relationships are focused around the body. When the body is healthy, everything seems good. When the body becomes sick, no one takes notice of you. You also feel as if nothing has any appeal.

Nowadays you are all creating a big uproar to receive the sacred thread. Keshab Sen threw away the sacred thread. The Master threw away the sacred thread. You are all clamouring for those things that they have thrown away. Will four arms grow if you take the sacred thread? Spiritual practice is the primary thing. You have not done spiritual practices. What will be achieved by taking the sacred thread? You should renounce such limiting superimpositions; instead, you are adding more. As much as your titles reduce, so much conducive it will be to realize God. One cannot realize him unless one is devoid of limiting superimpositions.

Listening to the reading of the Bhagavata brought the right result for Parikshit. After listening to the Bhagavata, observing everything, and being totally free from doubt, he said: ‘I am no more afraid of giving up this body’. It is not enough if one merely listens to the Bhagavata; one must acquire the strength to assimilate it.