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Benefits and Importance of Daily Hanuman Prayers and Worship

Hanuman is still alive and roams around the world. He is present where Ramayana is recited with devotion. He answers the daily prayers and worship of his devotees. He fulfills their desires. Hanuman is Sankat Mochan as he removes the troubles of his devotees. Merely by remembering the name of Hanuman, a devotee can get rid of the troubles in life.

Hanuman Upasana (prayers and worship) is performed daily for good intelligence, fame, strength, courage and for good health.

One can find a solution and get relief to even the most tiring problem in life if a devotee has the unwavering devotion of Hanuman.

To alleviate problems in life, chant Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan daily. It is believed that chanting any one of the prayers daily with utmost devotion will help in achieving peace and prosperity. Along with chanting the prayer, one should show kindness towards all living beings.

A devotee who chants prayers of Hanuman and shows kindness, helpfulness, gratitude, friendship, and concern for all living beings will always have the blessing of Hanuman Ji.

For peace in life, a devotee should read Sundarkhand from Ramayana. Sundarkhand is the fourth main chapter in the Ramcharitamanas. This is the most widely read chapter in the Ramayana because it contains the stories of Hanuman. The chapter narrates the strength, courage, power, intelligence, valor, bhakti and humor of Hanuman. Listening to or reading Sundarkhand motivates and provides positive strength to a person.

Each doha in the Sundarkhand is pregnant with meaning and it contains hidden symbolism. It is filled with advice and ideas on how to face problems in life.

Hanuman is ever pleased to listen to Ramayan and his presence is felt in places where it is read with devotion and piety. People present where Ramayan is read will get the blessing of Hanuman.

Tuesday is dedicated to Hanuman. A devotee should take bath and visit a Hanuman temple. First, the devotee should offer prayers to Bhagavan Sri Ram. Then the devotee should chant the mantra “ श्री हनुमते नम:” (Om Shri Hanumante Namah) 108 times.

Chanting ‘Om Shri Hanumante Namah’ daily 108 times and keeping count on Rudraksha mala is meritorious. It keeps the mind calm. It helps in getting the perfect idea to solve a complex problem in life. 

This mantra helps in keeping out all kinds of negative energy.

Unwavering devotion will always be answered. But the problem in Kali Yuga is that we doubt our own prayers. We first want to know about the benefits of a prayer. A devotee who prays, offers puja and worship always thinking about the result will never achieve anything out of it.

Hanuman got everything in life through the unwavering devotion to Bhagavan Sri Ram.

So instead of focusing on benefits and result, first develop true devotion.

Do not wait for problems to appear in life to run to Hanuman and fall on his feet.

Remember him always.