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Paravastu Mutt

Paravastu Mutt is one of the centers for the propagation of the Vaishnava Faith. It is only meant mainly for Sattada Srivaishnavas, whose religious head is the jira of the mutt.
Paravastu is the name of an acharya purusha. Other names of such acharya purushas are Kandadai, Prativadi Bhayankaram and Anandanpillai.

The functions of the mutt include the installation of the images of the Alwars, rearing flower gardens for Srihari Vishnu, promoting centers of learning the prabandhams of Alvars, propagating the philosophy of Ramanuja, establishing Ramanuja Kutams for free feeding of the poor, and reciting Tiruvaymoli and Iyalpa on festive occasions.

The Vijayanagar kings patronized the establishment of the mutts.
There are two inscriptions at Tirumala which show that Anatalvan rendered service to Tiruvenkaamudaiyan as a member of Paravastu Mutt by taking a pledge to carry on the thirumanjana kainkarya (temple ceremony). His grandson offered Amudapadi and Sathupadi.

The mutt also got donations from the Vijayanagar kings for lamps and rearing flower gardens.

The Jiras of the Paravastu Mutt act as Gurus to Sattada Srivaishnavas and teach the members of the mutt the pancha samskaram (five ordained rituals).

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