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Importance of Goal Setting In Life

'Importance of Goal setting in life' is from a speech delivered by Arunima Sinha, the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest with an prosthetic leg.

The first thing that youth must remember is they must have a goal in life, a high goal. The difficulty is not whether we succeed in achieving the goal; the difficulty is that a large number of youth do not have any goal at all. Hence, first we must fix a goal. And then day and night think about it, saturate our mind with the thought of our goal. We must so vigorously pursue our goal that people start calling us mad! Let us not forget that only those ‘dreams’ are realized which are dreamt during waking state, not during sleep. And dreams should be so overpowering that they do not allow us to sleep, and then only they will be realized.

Goal-setting should be followed by proper planning or means to achieve our goal. Besides thinking well over it, we may have to seek help from the experts or eminent people in the field in which we want to succeed. We should approach the right people and plan our path properly. Along with these, we need perseverance. In spite of all setbacks, we must try again and again, do not bother about criticism.

For any new undertaking there is always stiff resistance. But if we persevere, acceptance comes but before that we must persevere.

If we want success, there is no substitute for hard work. Practice, practice, practice practice makes a man perfect.

As a little girl I remember having read that even stones get eroded by constant friction with a rope. So, if we work hard, success is bound to come today or tomorrow. I do not believe in depending on fate and doing nothing. I believe that even destiny favours those who work hard. 

Said a famous poet ‘Make yourself so great that before shaping your destiny, even God would feel compelled to ask what your wish is.’ Let us not bother much about destiny or result. We must work and the result is bound to come today or tomorrow.

My own experience validated the age-old proverb: ‘Where there is will, there is way.’ If we exert our will, even what looks impossible, becomes possible. 

Finally, success requires that we should seek the blessings of God and the elders. It is important to seek their blessing but alongside we should bear in mind that ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ If you go one step towards God, He will come ten steps towards you, but you have to take the first step.

Source - The Never-say-die Spirit A Firsthand Account of What Determination, Hard Work and Faith Can Achieve by Arunima Sinha, the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest with an prosthetic leg. April 2015, Vedanta Kesari Issue