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Dadu Dayal Teachings And Quotes

A collection of quotes and teachings of Shri Dadu Dayal (1544 AD to 1603 AD).

Without the guru even a hundred thousand moons and millions of suns cannot enlighten man’s dark corners.

Prince and beggar alike must die: not one survives
Him do you call living who had died and yet lives
My enemy ‘I’ is dead: now none can smile me down
This ‘I’ who slay myself; thus, being dead I live
We have slain our enemy, we have died; but he is not forgotten.
The thorn remains to vex us. Consider and lay this truth to heart.
Then only wilt thou find the beloved when thou art as the living dead.

My enemy "I" is now dead; now none can slay me. 'This I who have slain myself; I have died, arid yet live. While the thought of self remains, so long are there two. When this selfhood is destroyed, then there is no second. Then only will you find the Beloved, when "I" and "mine" are wholly lost.

When "I" and "mine" are no more, then shall you find the pure vision. "I" and "mine" are a load upon the head; you die with the weight of it.

Says Dadu, I saw it rain
Where there was no cloud;
And where there was wordless silence,
I heard the thunder boom;
I saw dazzling brilliance
Where there was no lightning;
And my heart was filled with joy.

Dadu says I am nothing and can do nothing.
Truly even a fool may reach Thee by Thy grace.

When you regard yourself as nothing, then you will find the Beloved.

Only by losing yourself can you find Him who knows all.

Where Rama is, there I am not; where I am, there Rama is not.

While the mind is unstable, there can be no union; when the mind becomes stable, He will be found with ease. How can the mind remain firm without some resting place? It merely keeps wandering here and there. It will become stable only when you settle It on the remembrance of God.