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What Is The Best Way To Work And Yet Be Free In This Very Life?

What is the best way to work and yet be free in this very life? Swami Vipashananda Answers

This is the subject of the first mantra of the – All this — whatsoever moves on earth — should be covered by the Lord. Protect (the Self) through detachment (which arises from this covering). Do not covet anyone’s wealth.’ The Shruti expressly states: ‘all this’.

Our usual notions about ‘I’ and ‘the world’ (that both are real) are incorrect, because these notions are changing continuously. Everything in nature, including ourselves, is subject to death and destruction. Even this earth, the stars, and galaxies are constantly undergoing destruction and rebirth. This is an undeniable fact.

So this changing universe, and the ‘I’ there in, is to be covered with the idea of divine permanence (that is, Brahman). With this awareness that everything—I and the observed universe—is nothing but Brahman, detached action becomes easier and more natural.

Enjoyment, which presupposes duality, is naturally renounced if we become established in this idea. That is the assertion of the rishis who have realized absolute Truth. Not only do we then become unattached, but we actually love this world as a manifestation of God. We then do our duties to protect the world and do not covet anybody’s wealth, for this wealth too is God’s.

Swami Vipashananda is a monk of the Ramakrishna Order

Source - Prabuddha Bharata December 2006 page number 648