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Bhairabi Temple at Mantridi Village in Ganjam District Orissa

Bhairabi Temple at Mantridi is an important Shakti Sthal in Orissa. The temple is located around 18 km from Brahmapur in Ganjam District in Orissa.

Legend has it that stomach of Goddess Sati fell here after the infamous Daksha Yajna incident mentioned in the Puranas.

Hundreds of sages got their siddhi after worshipping the deity and hence it is a very popular siddhi pitha of the region.

The murti of the Goddess worshiped in the shrine is one-legged and is situated 4 feet
down to the ground level. As he is one-legged she is also known as Ek Pada Bhairabi. She has four hands. The shrine was renovated in 1937.

It is believed that fishermen and sailors took the blessing of the Goddess before venturing into the sea. Even today, fishermen take her blessing before going out into the sea.

Sankranti (occurs on the 14th or 15th of a month) is very important here.

Tuesday is the auspicious date in a week.

Special pujas are observed in the Ashwin month especially during the Shukla Paksha – the Navratri period.

During festivals, panchamruta is offered to the deity.