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Raktadantika Puja Vidhi – Mantra – How to Perform Goddess Raktadantika Devi Puja?

Goddess Raktadantika is one of the fierce manifestations of Mother Goddess Durga. She is considered the Tamasic form of Goddess Jagadamba. Raktadantika Mata is worshipped for changing bad luck into good luck. She is worshipped for getting unimaginable physical and mental strength. Below is Goddess Raktadantika Devi Puja vidhi or procedure along with mantra. This is a simple guide on how to perform Goddess Raktadantika Mata Puja and is ideal for performing it at home.

Goddess Raktadantika Mantra

रं रक्तदंतिकाय नमः॥
Om Ram Raktadantikaya Namah

When to Perform Goddess Raktadantika Devi Puja?

The ideal day to perform the puja:
  • Third day – Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi - the third day after Amavasya (no moon day) in a Hindu lunar month.
  • The puja can also be performed when there is mool or moolam nakshatram in a Hindu lunar month.
  • It is doubly auspicious to perform the puja when mool nakshatra is present on Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi.

Benefits of Performing Raktadantika Devi Puja

  • She has the power of changing bad luck into good luck. Those facing trouble in life due to bad positioning of grahas will find relief.
  • She is offered prayers to overcome enemies.
  • She blesses with mental and physical strength.
  • The puja is good for those facing depression and other mental illness.

Simple Goddess Raktadantika Puja Vidhi

  • The puja should be performed early morning during sunrise.
  • A white pumkin smeared with kumkum should be placed on the east side of the house on a red color cloth.
  • The puja should be performed facing east.
  • The person performing puja should wear red color clothes.
  • Take a kalash fill it with water and put beetroot juice. Close the kalash with a coconut and mango tree leaves. Keep this near the pumpkin.
  • Lamp should be lit using jasmine oil (chameli ka tel). One wick is preferred.
  • Dhoop or agarbatti should be of gugal.
  • Red color flowers should be offered.
  • Tilak should be of sindhoor.
  • Offer pomegranate fruit.
  • Burn yellow color flowers of mustard on karpoor (camphor). If flowers are not available then use mustard seeds.
  • Bhog or Prasad on the day should be a red color sweet.
  • The mantra  रं रक्तदंतिकाय नमः॥ should be chanted 108 times. The count should be kept on a red chandan mala.
  • The water in the kalash should be deposited under a peepal tree.
  • The pumpkin should be kept under a neem tree.

Special Pujas

  • To have better luck, apply sindhoor offered to Goddess on forehead daily.
  • Donate red color clothes to married women for good intelligence, to overcome depression and other mental illness.
  • To overcome enemies burn mustard and karpoor together before the Goddess.