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Lighting Diya Benefits – Symbolic Significance of Lighting Lamp in Hindu Home

The symbolic significance of lighting lamp in Hindu home is that it burns away all kinds of ego, desires, passion and lust. It purifies the mind and prepares it to realize true happiness. Here are the benefits of lighting Diya.

The ghee or oil medium used to light the lamp symbolically represents our ignorance. It represents desires, ego, anger, hatred and all those negative qualities that stop us from self-realization. We use the wick to burn off all the negative qualities. That which is left after getting rid of all impurities from mind is bliss – Brahman realization.

It is believed that a home, which keeps a lighted lamp in the morning and evening, will not attract negative energy.

Diya lighted at home makes us realize we need to pause daily for a few minutes and do a postmortem of our daily activities.

Just by merely lighting a lamp daily and offering prayers one will have one’s wishes fulfilled.

Those who believe that they are not getting the desired results even after working really hard should light a lamp before Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and before Ganesha on Tuesday. This will help in getting the desires results.

Those facing career problems, not getting new job, and those not have their salary increased should light lamp using cow ghee on Thursday before Vishnu and Lakshmi. One should mix turmeric, kumkum and kesar in the cow ghee and light the lamp.

Light lamp in the south side of the house and offering prayers will help in find relief to serious illness.