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Impossible To Count The Number Of Pillars – Chaurasi Khamba Temple – Story of 84 Khamba Mandir in Bharatpur Rajasthan

Chaurasi Khamba Temple, popularly known as 84 Khamba Mandir, is located at Kaman in Bharatpur in Rajasthan. As the place is just 13 km east of Barsana, it forms a part of the Braj Bhoomi, associated with the childhood of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Although the temple is believed to have 84 pillars but it is impossible count the number of pillars.

Story Of 84 Khamba Mandir In Bharatpur Rajasthan

  • Kaman is ruled by the number 84. There are 84 ponds, 84 temples and 84 hectares of land which is mysteriously divided into 84 small pools of water.
  • Chaurasi Khamba temple (84 pillared temple) has no murti or idol and no kind of worshiped is performed in the temple.
  • It is believed that child Krishna used to play and spend time at the spot.
  • It is also believed that Pandavas lived here for a brief period during their exile period in the Mahabharata.
  • It is believed that there is a pond near the temple known as Dharam Kund. The famous Yaksha Prashna between Yama, disguised as Yaksha, and Yudhisthira happened.
  • The place is also associated with legendary king Vikramaditya. It is believed that he used to hold his court here.

No One Can Count The Number Of Pillars

There are 84 elaborately carved pillars in the Chaurasi Khamba Mandir. But none can count them. Every time someone has attempted to count the pillars the total number has either exceeded 84 or fell short of 84.

Kaman Is Adi Vrindavan

Kaman is popularly known as Adi Vrindavan. The reason for this is the presence of Tulsi plants in abundance.

The famous Van Yatra is held in Bhadrapad month in Kaman.

Kaman has thousands of Kadamba trees and for this reason the place is also known as Kadambawana.

Parikrama Mela is observed at Cheel Mahal, Eagle Palace, during the rainy season. The fair and festival attracts scores of devotees and tourists.