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Importance of Northeast Corner in Hinduism

Northeast corner (Ishan Kone) is of great importance in Hinduism. It is the corner associated with gods and goddesses and therefore holy and auspicious.

The northeast corner should always be kept clean. No junk should be kept in this place. Shoe rack should not be kept in the northeast corner.

Goddess Lakshmi resides in the northeast corner and therefore this spot should always be kept clean.

It is best to leave the northeast corner of the house free. Avoid keeping heavy items in this corner. 

There is a belief that if the northeast corner were to be occupied by heavy items then the family would face heavy debts.

In a property with walled compound (properly demarcated), the northeast corner is ideal for water tanks. This will improve the financial situation of the house.

If the northeast corner of plot is cut then such a plot should not be brought. There will be spiritual and worldly success. Factories, shops and houses should not be built in a plot having its northeast corner cut.

Beneficial rays in plot or house emanate from the northeast direction.

All cracks and pits in the northeast corner should be immediately filled and repaired. Rubbish and debris should never be collected for long period in the Ishan kone.

Toilets should never be built in the northeast corner of the house.

Broom or mosquito nets and other similar items should never be kept in the northeast corner this will result in permanent poverty.

An open mesh or door in the Ishan kone is auspicious. It will increase business and success rate.

It is believed that if the main door of the house is in Ishan Kone then people in the house will not have any inclination towards sin, wrongdoing or crime.

Married couples should avoid sleeping in Ishan kone.