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Special Offering to Surya with Mantra to Remove Bad Luck

If you think that you are facing numerous problems in life to bad luck and inauspiciousness, then there is a special offering to Surya. It should be performed along with the chanting of a mantra.

Surya, the sun god, in Hinduism rules the Navagrahas. Prayers and offerings to Surya helps in overcoming all forms of negativities in life. It is also a good solution to horoscope or janam kundli related problems.

How to make offering to Surya?

Wake up before sunrise and take bath. Put some til over night in a bucket of water and keep it aside. Use this water to take bath.

Wear orange color dress.

Collect water in a vessel to offer arghya to Surya. Mix black kajal and sindoor in the water.

Go to the terrace, or where sun is visible during the morning.

Offer water to rising sun by chanting the following mantra.

Surya Mantra

ह्रीं सूर्याय अखिला-गमवेदिने नमः
Hreem Suryaya Akhila-gamvedina Namah

Chant the mantra 7 times or in multiples of seven.

Sit in meditation for some time.