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Shiva Mantra For Money – Property

In Kali Yuga, it is easy to please Shiva and get material blessings. It is said that chanting mantra is the ideal solution to all problems in life. Here is a Shiva mantra for money and property.

Always remember that mere chanting of mantra alone will not help in desire fulfillment. The most important aspect is to follow Dharma and this involves not intentionally hurting another living being. 

How To Chant Shiva Mantra For Money – Property?

  • The mantra should be chanted on Monday during evening pradosh period (just before sunset) or on Shiva Chaturdashi day Pradosh period – the day before Amavasya or no moon day.
  • The person chanting the mantra should wear white clothes after taking bath.
  • The person should sit facing north.
  • The person should hold two karpur and 3 clove (long) in his right hand.
  • The person should then ‘Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times.
  • Next the person should plant a tree and feed an animal.
  • Later in the evening the karpur and clove should be burned in a temple or in the puja area in the house.
  • This process should be performed for 41 Mondays.