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Shamlaji Bhagwan – About Hindu God Shamlaji

Shamlaji Bhagwan is a manifestation of Hindu God Vishnu and is closely associated with the cult of Krishna Bhakti. Shamlaji meaning the dark god is also known as Sakshi Gopal and Gadadgar (the holder of the mace). The most famous temple dedicated to Shamlaji Bhagwan is located at Arvalli District in Gujarat.

The Bhils and other tribes have great faith in Shamlaji, whom they call Kalio Bavaji or the Dark Divinity.

He is also known as 'Kalia Dev' (Black God) for the Adivasi Tribe.

He is also known as Gadadhar - holding a mace.

The main murti of Shamlaji is a Four-handed, five feet high idol of black-colored.

Shamlaji Bhagwan is more earthly and is believed to solve the day today problems of his devotee. People suffering from sorcery and witchcraft find relief after taking dip in the holy water and offering prayers to Shamlaji.

Narayan Bali and Nag Bali rituals are also offered to the deity.

Couples facing problems in having children find relief after offering prayers to the deity.