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Yoga Vasishta – Thoughtful Words

To all those who wish to master this world of Maya, the association with the wise is the unfailing means. Like the Ganges which yields its fruits to those who bathe in its cool waters, the association with the wise expands the poor intellect of men, transmutes the accidents arising out of material objects into a real wealth, for progress, and converts a  mind, which is miserable amidst any objects into one which sees happiness everywhere.

One should, at any cost, long to approach those great personages replete with wisdom who are friendly to all, relieving them from bondage and form the ferry to cross the ocean of rebirths.

Atma Jnana, the end of all Vedas, will dawn to itself in one who probes into their underlying meaning without caring for their surface attributes or meaning.

All delusions, such as love and hatred will vanish; the mind will become as pellucid as the waters of a pool in the autumnal season. Such persons of adamantine armor will never be pierced by the arrows of pains, such as poverty and others.

A mind engaged in enquiry will never be afflicted by the awe-inspiring Maya and will maintain the equilibrium of a waveless ocean. Enquiry will help to acquire the depth of the unfathomable ocean, stability of Mahameru and coolness of the noble moon.

Jivan mukti state will gradually ripen in him who is desireless, and in whose eyes there is nothing supernatural. His state is indescribable and yet he will move in the world like anybody else. He will be indifferent to joy or pains arising from good or bad results.
Yoga Vasishta eHeHe