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Story – Arjuna Gets a Lesson in Humility from Sri Krishna

Once Arjuna was overcome with pride and blurted out that there is no one stronger than him in the entire world and Sri Krishna himself drives his chariot. Krishna drove Arjuna’s chariot out of compassion but Arjun mistook it thinking it was due to his greatness. Therefore, Bhagavan Sri Krishna decided to give the great warrior a lesson in humility.

One day Sri Krishna took Arjuna to a forest. They stopped by a stream.

Krishna told Arjuna that He was tired now and therefore he should roam alone in the forest while He took some rest.

Arjuna ventured into the forest and came across a cave of a great Saint.

The Saint sustained on dry leaves and water from the stream.

Arjuna suddenly noticed three sharp swords in the cave.

He was curious and asked the Saint for the reason for possessing three swords.

He said that he is extremely angry with three people because they could achieve what he could not achieve even after intense austerities and prayers. They had the audacity to invite Sri Krishna and put him through difficulties. Therefore, the swords are to kill the three people.

First sword is for Draupadi, who summoned the Lord barefoot from Dwarka to rescue her.

Second one is for Prahlada who made Lord manifest from a scorching pillar.

Third one is for Arjuna as he is shameless and conceited that he makes Krishna to drive his chariot.

Arjuna immediately realized that the Lord drives his chariot out of compassion and not because of his greatness.

Arjuna offers his respect to the Saint and immediately rushes back to Sri Krishna and fell at his feet.