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Nine Forms of Bhakti or Devotion as Told by Prahlada

The nine forms of Bhakti or devotion as told by Prahlada, the ardent devotee of Vishnu who made Narasimha Avatar possible are:
  1. Sravanam – Listening to Holy Scriptures and stories
  2. Kirtanam – Singing of Bhakti songs
  3. Smaranam – Remembering of the names of Gods
  4. Vandanam – Offer prayers
  5. Padasevanam – Do all the works dedicated to gods
  6. Archanam – offering of flowers
  7. Dasyam – servitude
  8. Sakhyam – friendship
  9. Atma Nivedhanam – merging of mind in the thought of god.

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