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Alakh Niranjan Meaning In Hinduism

In Hinduism, Alakh Niranjan is the term used by sadhus, babas and tantrics of the Nath Sampradaya sect to greet each other. The Nath Sampradaya was founded by Gorakhnath and is dedicated to the worship of Shiva. Alakh as per the Nath tradition means – absolute freedom from all types of bondage; Niranjan is one among the numerous names of Shiva and it means pure.

Nath Sampradaya sect believes that Shiva as Adinath taught the secret of the Supreme Being to Matsyendranath and He taught it to Gorakhnath.

Gorakhnath is the most important teacher of the Nath Sampradaya tradition.

Some scholars are of the view that the term Alakh Niranjan was coined by Gorakhnath.
Alakh Niranjan is thus primarily invoking Shiva who resides in all living and nonliving – he is ever pure and beyond all imaginations and thoughts of human beings. Lucky are those who realize this and escape from all types of Karmic bondage.

Note - Alakh Niranjan is also used as a greeting term in Sikhism.