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Angarak Yog Nivaran – Methods to overcome trouble related to Angarak Yog – Remedies for Angaraka Yoga

Angarak Yog Nivaran is the methods successfully used to overcome all troubles by people with Angarak Yog in their horoscope. Following are the remedy suggested for Angaraka Yoga.

Angarak Yog Nivaran

  • Cleanliness – especially of mouth – clean you teeth with water every morning before any activity.
  • Worship moon or Chandra daily. You can do monthly offering of white colored sweet.
  • Bury earthen pot filled with honey in a place where people do not walk.
  • Donate clothes to poor people.
  • Donate sweets with silver foil.
  • Perform food donation.
  • Free birds
  • Grow trees and water it.
  • Offer prayers to Hanuman on Tuesdays.