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Chakra Puja – A Tantric Ritual

Chakra puja is a tantric ritual performed by men and women together. In the puja, men are called Bhairava and the women are called Bhairavis. The group of individuals participating in the puja forms a circle or Chakra.

While performing the Chakra puja, men and women sit in a circle with each man having a woman sitting on his left. The leader of the puja known as Chakreshwara sits with his Bhairavi in the center of the circle. The offerings include flowers, grains, fish, meat, wine and sexual union.

The pujas and rituals were performed for obtaining wealth, luck, victory over enemies and for emancipation.

Some of the different types of Chakras mentioned in the Rudrayamala are Rajachakra, Mahachakra, Devachakra, Virachakra and Chudachakra.