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Arjuna – Srikandi In Indonesian Folklore

In Indonesian folklore, Arjuna is said to have married seven women other than Draupadi. One of them was Srikandi. Did you know that Srikandi and Shikhandi were the same? But the stories are in Indian Mahabharata and Indonesian Mahabharata are entirely different. It is believed that Srikandi is the Indonesian interpretation on the gender-neutral character of Shikhandi in the Mahabharata.

Srikandi was Draupadi’s sister, a saucy and skilled archer. Srikandi later participated in the battle at Kurukshetra and was responsible for Bhishma’s death.

In the Vyasa Mahabharata, Arjuna does not marry Shikhandi. But Shikhandi is responsible for the death of Bhishma.

Subhadra is known as Sumbadra in Indonesian folklore and is described as gentle and self-effacing. She is one among the eight wives of Arjuna in the Indonesian version of Mahabharata stories.