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Chanting Mantra the Way to Attain Moksha in Kali Yuga - Hinduism Teachings For Present Age

There are four yugas in Hindu tradition and the present is the Kali Yuga – the last of the four yugas. All imaginable and unimaginable Adharmic activities will take place during the Kali Yuga as per Hinduism teachings. But as per Hindu tradition Kali Yuga also provides an easy way to moksha for those who follow Dharma. Chanting of mantra or the names of the lord will help in attaining Moksha in the present age.

Legend has it that Sage Narada was saddened by the Adharma (evil) in Kali Yuga. He asked Brahma what is the ideal way for people to attain moksha in Kali Yuga? Brahma suggested that chanting of mantra is the best option. Mantras and name of the lord can be chanted by anyone at anytime and anywhere.

The reason for this was that Gurus and Saints who should be doing pujas, yajnas and guiding people will become corrupt in Kali Yuga. Devotees will be fooled by these people.

Therefore, people just need to chant the name of God in Kali Yuga to attain Moksha.

Chanting of mantras and following the path of dharma helps a person attain moksha.

Among this the most meritorious is chanting the names of Gods.