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Meaning and Symbolism of the Big Ears of Ganesha

One of the striking features of Ganesha is his big ears. The ears of Ganapati are very prominent but do the large ears contain a hidden meaning or symbolism. The big ears of Ganesh represent his immense capacity of listening.

Symbolically the big ears show us the importance of careful and active listening.

Ganapati is capable of listening to the most faint and most complicated sounds.

He can listen to all the sounds which are uttered in any speed and any volume. He will not miss a single syllable.

Due to this quality and capacity of Ganapati, Sage Vyasa the author of the Mahabharata selected Ganesha to be his scribe. Whatever Sage Vyasa dictated was written down in a simple language by Ganesha so that human beings can understand.

For devotees, the big ears means Ganesha carefully listens to their prayers with love and kindness.