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Words of Wisdom – Anger only causes damage – Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal

Anger only causes damage – Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal

Anger comes from desire and has many unpleasant consequences. When what we ardently desire remains out of reach, we are angry with those around us. We are sometimes angry with ourselves, or even with God. We take it out on anyone who is unfortunate to come into contact with us at the time.

Our words and gestures indicate how angry we are, and our anger is evident even in our eyes and the way in which our lips twitch. Thus we reveal our agitated frame of mind.

Once the anger has passed, we may forget the words we used to abuse others, but the recipient of the abuse remembers and remains hurt.

The consequences of anger are long lasting.

It takes us just a second to throw a stone into a bucket of water, but the ripples that this sets off, take a while to settle. In the same way, it is easy to lose one’s temper in a second, but the consequences last for a long time.

How do we control anger?

This takes practice. If we give ourselves time, any angry feeling that we have, will eventually subside. Once this stage is crossed, we will, in course of time, learn not to react angrily, no matter what the provocation.

If someone insults us, we must introspect, and see if we deserve his censure. If we do, then we must correct ourselves. If we do not deserve his scolding, then we should ignore his words. If we have been wrongly accused, then once the abuser realizes this, he will be sorry for his words, and will develop respect for us.

If we have hurt someone, we should not feel ashamed to apologies. Control of anger, thus, is the first step in the attempt at spiritual progress.

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