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Tanha Pola - Festival of Wooden Bulls by Children

Tanha Pola festival, festival of wooden bulls by children, is dedicated to the cows and ox and is observed mainly in Maharashtra and parts of Madhya Pradesh the day after Shravan Amavasya (no moon day in Sawan month) as per traditional lunar calendar in Maharashtra. Tanha Pola 2024 date is September 2 and September 3. Farmers pay respect to bullocks and cows on the day as cattle is their main source of livelihood.

In Nagpur and other regions in Vidarbha, a wooden replica of the bull is taken around the streets.

Children also make small replica of bulls and place it near the streets.

An elaborate worship (puja) is performed on the replica of bulls made by children and adults in Nagpur.

King Raje Raghuji Bhonsle-II of Nagpur started the Tanha Pola in 1806 AD for children. The main aim was to make children aware of the importance of livestock and agriculture activity which is the backbone of the region.

Today, during the Tanha Pola period, markets in Vidarbha region are filled with replicas of bulls. Children buy and decorate them. Competition for best decorated bull replica is held on the day.