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How to perform Mundan ceremony of new born child?

The mundan ceremony of new born child should be performed after child’s first birthday and before the child turns three years old. Here is a brief account on how to perform mundan ceremony.

On the auspicious day of the Mundan ceremony, the child is duly bathed and clothed and sits on the mother’s lap or any female member in the house.

Father or a male member moistens the hair of the child with warm water. He offers prayers to Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu and Devi.

He then uses a porcupine quill, three blades of Darbha or Durva Grass and cuts off a tuft of hair. While cutting he prayers for the longevity of life and prosperity of the child.

The act is repeated thrice.

He then leaves the shaving of the hair to the barber.

Top hair or tuft of the child is left intact by some Hindu communities.

Note - if a priest is present during the function, then he will chant the relevant mantras.

If there is no priest then the family members can pray to Ganesha.