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Sanat Kumara Gita Teachings

A collection of teachings from Sanat Kumara Gita.

It has been positively stated that perfect non-attachment to things other than the soul, firm and constant love of the attribute-less Brahman and the Self constitute the means to the final beatitude of men.

Just as fire ignited from arani consumes its own source, the man, by force of his knowledge and non-attachment, burns down his subtle body consisting of five subtle elements and enveloping his soul, in such a way as to render it unrevivable.

When the screen or sheath which, till then intervened between the Supreme-Soul (Paramatman) and the soul, is destroyed, the person becomes freed from all the attributes pertaining to the subtle body which has been burnt down. He does not perceive which are within him, nor objects which are external to him, just as a man awakened from a dream does not see the objects he perceived in his dream.

The mind of those who brood over objects of worldly enjoyment is distracted by their senses which are attracted to objects of worldly pleasure. Thereby the intellect loses its power of thinking and discrimination. As a consequence of the loss of the reasoning capacity, memory is lost. The loss of memory results in loss of knowledge and wisdom. The wise call this loss of wisdom as the covering of the Self through one’s own self.

Before a living organism evolves, food must exist to sustain it. First comes the food; then the organism. The life force is in both the food and the organism. Thus the life force is both consuming and consumed. Unless you know who the consumer is and who is being consumed, you will never overcome the fear of death. Unless you know the intrinsic nature of the life force within you and within the objects that nourish you, you live with the fear that you will be unable to sustain your life.

The Tradition of the Himalayan Masters
Pandit Rajmani, Ph.D. Tigunait