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Trinetra Shiva – Story Of The Third Eye Of Shiva

Trinetra is one of the important names of Shiva. It is also believed that at the end of a cycle of creation, Shiva opens his third eye to effect the change needed for the next cycle of creation. The story of the origin of Shiva’s third eye is interesting as it is not associated with destruction but with sustenance.

About Origin of Shiva’s Third Eye

Time immemorial, Shiva was sporting with Goddess Parvati in the Himalayas. The divine couple was in a playful mood – they were moving all around the cosmos taking various forms– and Goddess Parvati suddenly closed the two eyes of Shiva with her hands.

The entire universe was at once submerged in darkness. All activities came to a standstill due to cosmic darkness. There was no production of food, there was no light… Devas, Saints, Humans and all living beings became still. Everything was quiet.

Mahadev who realized what was happening in the universe dispelled the cosmic darkness by opening his third eye – Trinetra. A minutest part of the fire bursting out of his forehead dispelled the cosmic darkness.

The energy that flows out of the third eye is beyond the understanding and imagination of Human mind. It is like the energy of countless sun…