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Documentary On The Existence Of Lord Krishna - Krishna: History or Myth

Krishna: History or Myth is a documentary that proves the existence of Lord Krishna through archaeological, astronomical and other evidences. The documentary goes deep into both scientific knowledge and religious belief. Manish Pandit, a UK-based nuclear medicine physician, has produced and directed ‘Krishna: History or Myth.’
"Krishna existed in reality and not merely in the imagination of devotees and scripture writers." "The film relies on four premises -- the archaeological evidence, the astronomical evidence, the living traditions and the oral traditions to prove that Krishna existed and the Mahabharata did occur," says Pandit, originally from Pune and now working as a consultant and an honorary senior clinical lecturer in nuclear medicine in United Kingdom.
Krishna: History or Myth is currently being dubbed into eight Indian regional languages and also in Spanish and German.

You can view the movie here at Saraswati Films.