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Charvakas Teachings And Quotes - Charvaka Philosophy

Charvaka Philosophy represents the materialistic thoughts that co-existed along with the six orthodox school of philosophy in ancient India. Mainstream Hindu schools of philosophy refuted the Teachings of Charvakas. But there are many scholars who believe that the Charvaka school of thought presented a materialistic and realistic view of life. 

Here are few quotes and teachings of Charvakas.

As long as you live, live joyously
None can escape Death's wide net;
When once this body has been burnt,
How can it ever return?

While you live, live well, even if you have to borrow, for once cremated there is no return.

Swan's egg produce swans and not snakes.

If the offering of the food satisfies the hunger of departed soul, why does not the supply of oil rekindle the flame of an extinct lamp?

The Charvakas (sweet-tongued), had no faith in Dharma (divine duty) and Moksha (salvation) and they were always in favor of Artha (wealth) and Kama (pleasure). They were totally materialistic and thus were not in the mainstream Hindu Philosophy.