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Why Balaram Did Not Participate in the Mahabharata War?

Balaram, the elder brother of Bhagvan Sri Krishna, did no participate in the Mahabharata war. But why did not Balarama participate in a war that saw the greatest warriors on earth assemble in the Kurukshetra. He did not side with Pandavas or Kauravas in the war.

Duryodhana, the elder brother of the Kauravas, was sure that Balaram would side with him. As Balaram was his Guru.

But Balarama did not side with the Kauravas as he did not want to fight against his brother Krishna who was on the side of the Pandavas.

He also did not side with the Pandavas as he did not want to fight against Duryodhana, who was his student.

So when the Mahabharat war was taking place, Balaram went on a pilgrimage.