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Swargita Sambalkara Yogam

Swargita Sambalkara Yogam is associated with astrology and personal horoscope. Person having this yoga in his/her horoscope is destined to become rich. It is believed that even if a person is born in a poor family, but if the person has Swargita Sambalkara Yogam in horoscope he will become rich.

Swargita Sambalkara Yoga is there when a person is born when Chandra is in Mesha Rashi or Medam Rashi; Shani in Kumbha Rashi; Aditya or Sun in Dhanu Rashi and Shukra in Makar Rashi.

A person born when Brihaspati and Chandra is in Karka Rashi and Shani is in 2nd house will become rich through business.

Similarly if Shukra is located at the Birth Rashi or Birth nakshatra such a person will only also make lot of money.