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Born During Rahu Kalam – Is birth during Rahu Kalam Bad in Hindu Religion

Many people in Hindu religion conclude that born during Rahu Kalam is bad. But reality is that birth during no time is bad. So the answer to the question – Is birth during Rahu Kalam Bad is No.

If one goes through the Hindu scriptures it is clearly stated that all living and nonliving beings are nothing but the Supreme Truth (called by names like Vishnu, Devi, Shiva, Ganesha etc). So as per Hinduism there is neither birth nor death. One form transforms into another form.

What is time? Time is nothing but a human creation. So anything that is based on it is not true.

Birth of a being takes place long before it comes out of the womb. So it is near impossible to find the so called birth time of a baby.

Now a question arises why do we see Rahu Kalam in calendar? This has been part of some cultures for a long time. So it is being followed by some people. It must be noted here that there are millions of Hindus who do not look into Rahu Kalam. Again in some regions Rahukalam is constant but in other regions it is based in the sunrise time.

We should have unwavering devotion to the Supreme Being, that is all that is needed.