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Tumburu Gandharva Information

Tumburu Gandharva is a celestial being. As per stories in Hindu religion, Tumburu is an expert musician and excels in playing on the veena. He is considered equal to Narada Rishi in musical prowess. He is generally present in the court of Kubera and is often invited to important festivities in the celestial worlds.

It is said that once Tumburu Gandharva on the request of Goddess Parvati narrated the entire Shiva Purana in the Vindhya Mountains to help a ghost get rid of the terrible form.

Once there was a music competition between Tumburu and Narada Rishi. All the Devas arrived to witness the competition and Brahma was the judge. At the end of the performance, Brahma Dev announced that Tumburu and Sage Narada were equally proficient in music.

Tumburu Gandharva accompanies the chariot of the Sun as the musical exponent, in the Madhu masa (springtime) along with Sage Pulastya and the celestial damsel Kritasthali.